a journey through my creativity


Anna loves to write.

She started writing as a child in primary school, like many other kids. However, her extraordinary imagination and willingness to put her thoughts down on paper allowed her to create a wide variety of texts and stories.

She also enjoys creating art and experimenting with new technologies.

At the age of 10, as a pupil of year 6, she been awarded Y6 Star-Writer of the Week certificate for writing short poem A day in the life of a bottle.

Anna St Augustine’s Star-Writer of the Week 7 October 2022

At the age of 10, Anna participated in the Young Writers’ Annual Showcase 2022 Creative Writing Competition. On September 5, 2022, her work, “Crazy Diary”, was selected from 5,000 entries nationwide to be published in a book titled Young Writers Annual Showcase - A Way With Words. The copy of this book, which will be published soon, will be permanently housed in the National Archives of the British Library.

Anna - Annual Showcase 2022 - Young Writers - Certificate of Merit

In 2022, before her 9th birthday, Anna submitted her poem “We’re all Imperfect!” to the “This is Me” poetry competition organized by Young Writers UK. Her original piece of creative writing was selected for publication in a book showcasing young writers’ work, This Is Me 2022 - Voice Of The Future. The book is due to be published on September 2, 2022, and a copy of it will remain in the National Archives of the British Library forever.

Anna - Talent For Writing - Young Writers - 2022

At the age of 8, Anna participated in the A Wander in the Woods 2021 competition, submitting her short story. Her story was awarded and selected for publication in the book A Wander in the Woods: Astonishing Adventures 2021, on page 162.

Anna - Talent For Writing - Young Writers - 2021

Previously, she created a few stories inspired by games she played, movies she watched, or books she read. Some of these stories can be read on this site.

She is still in the early stages of her writing journey, but she has the potential to develop her skills even further. She has an extraordinary imagination that allows her to create amazing things, and this website is a showcase of her creativity.