a journey through my creativity

A day in the life of a bottle

Slurping sounds to a quiet gulp,
Down I fall with a crunch,
Picked up and thrown in a bin,
Down, down, down I fall,
Lonely bounce on the cold ground.

On I roll into a drain,
Light splash, my journey begins,
Mucky water through rusty bars,
With a clink, echoing far and wide.

A warm welcome into the ocean,
Bobbing gently in the warm waves,
Gently snatched by a seagull,
Into darkness, I plunged once more,
Now it’s time to say goodbye!

Anna, a Year 6 pupil at her primary school, was awarded the Y6 Star-Writer of the Week certificate for her short poem.

Anna St Augustine’s Star-Writer of the Week 7 October 2022