a journey through my creativity

Crazy Diary!


So, I was normally in my bedroom,

At night,


BAM 💥!

Time froze after I heard a SNAP 🫰!

I suddenly heard some footsteps on the stairs,

How could someone be at the same time as me?

Like, when time freezes 🥶?

I looked for a place to hide, but…

I had no place to hide 😰!

So I just dashed under my blanket on my bed 🛌.


I peeked through a space under my blanket to see…

My door broken 😒, and…

Something indescribable! 🫥

2 people, both half animal!

One was like… half-wolf, half-human 🤯!

Other, was like a half bear, half-human 🤯!

The bear one must have broken my door 😒.

I snapped my fingers…

So time could go back to normal 😒,

But it didn’t 🤬,

Instead, the half-wolf 🐺 person,

Lifted my blanket, to find me 😒!

I wanted to go “GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”

But I went “What do you want from me?”

The half-bear 🐻 person said:

“We need to experiment on you.”

“Why?” I spoke back angrily, “Also, don’t say it’s classified!”

“It’s because you aren’t in this family tree” the half-wolf one answered.

“Wrong, I am, though I do have some secret abilities of my own!” I screamed.

(Also, the half bear one’s name is Chocolate and the wolf one is Moonlight)

Chocolate took a shot out of his bag,


I quickly dashed onto the ceiling like Spiderman

With a superhero landing!

But, chocolate got to me quickly, and knocked me out😡!

. . .

I woke up in a laboratory, next to all the stuff

They use…

To experiment with…

Suddenly, someone came in!

It was Moonlight, she came in and whispered in my ear:

“Chocolate has gone way too far, I’m here to free you,

I told my boss about it, and she knows and agreed.”

What the…?

I spoke up “why does chocolate need me?”

“You’re the last of the Embers, so you have all of the powers,

And also the gateway to the mirror dimension that Zhan Tiri is in,

Zhan Tiri is chocolate’s father, so you are in grave danger!”

Zhan Tiri? HIM, the evil sorcerer! Guess chocolate wants to set him free…

“Damn it, double lock!” Moonlight spoke up, heaving the lock,

I then said, “I got an idea, but don’t touch me okay?”

Moonlight nodded, and then I started singing:

“Wither and decay, end this destiny, break these earthly chains, set this spirit free.”

While I was singing, my hair and eyes turned black, and when the chains broke, I stopped singing,

“Whoa, how did you do that, and what did you pick it up from?” Moonlight asked

“From ‘Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure’ that’s on Disney+”

“Nice!” Moonlight mentioned.

Then, booming footsteps emerged from the distance,

“It’s chocolate! Run Anna!” Moonlight screamed before she got shot.

So I ran, all the way to my house, locked the door, but…

My family was dead, or I thought was dead…

I then started sobbing for a minute or two 😭

Then I spotted, that IT WAS FAKE!

It was from chocolate, then I went to seek revenge,

I found the meanie on my front doorstep,

I kept the door closed and grabbed the sharpest knife I could find,

I looked through the peephole in the door,

She was there for real…

. . .

I opened the door…

And I stabbed her for revenge…

Her last words were “Zhan Tiri will come…”

Anyway, it’s been a while since then, and I’m still wondering if what chocolate said is true.

So I’ll stop here now, and hope you enjoyed my story, byeeeeeee 😘!

This piece was submited for Young Writers’ Annual Showcase 2022 - Creative Writing Competition on 7th of June 2022.

Young Writers’ Annual Showcase 2022 | Creative Writing Competition

Later on (September 2022) this work has been selected from 5,000 entries nationwide to be published in a book called Young Writers Annual Showcase - A Way With Words. The copy of this book (to be published soon) will remain in the National Archives of the British Library forever!