a journey through my creativity

Gamer Galaxy!

“Is this real, or am I dreaming?” I asked myself, as I stood in awe, someone came out of the portal that stood in front of me. They were wearing a space suits, “Are you from the game among us?” I asked them.

“Yes I am, my name is DartDirect, and we need your help, there is a Hacker among us and we think you can help us.” He replied.

“Ok, I hope I can help you, now tell me, what do you think he looks like?” I wondered.

“I’ll tell you in the lobby, and we’ll make sure you don’t die when playing,” DartDirect replied, hopping into the portal.

“Ok, I’m coming in!” I spoke as I hopped in!

I hopped into a private server, and DartDirect was the host of it, I was in a space suit too. I spotted someone trying to get DartDirect to start, but he ignored them.

“So, who do you think is the hacker among us?” I asked.

“We all think it’s black,” he said, “because he looks and acts very suspicious.”

“You mean that ‘I’m not sus’ guy over there?” I wondered, trying not to attract much attention to black.

Suddenly, the game started, “uhh, was that you?” I asked.

“No, it must have been the hacker!” DartDirect spoke, and then my role was given: IMPOSTER; SHAPESHIFTER.

That means I can’t die! I had to tell DartDirect.

When I spawned into the map, all of the crewmates were dead, even the other imposter! Only me and black were standing.

Seems like he spared me, or he couldn’t kill me while hacking.

I thought, it’s kinda obvious because I got a firewall and I’m a good hacker too! And he must be the bad hacker!

“WAIT! Before you do anything, where is DartDirect?” Black suddenly spoke. I looked around for their dead body, since their colour was banana, but, it wasn’t there.

“You can scan me and see I’m a good hacker too, and that DartDirect is the evil hacker!” He spoke again.

I scanned them. All black was doing was warning me, that he is a good hacker!

How could this be? Could the one who called me lead me into a trap all along? I asked myself.

I then heard some footsteps, I turned around quick as a flash, and I saw a figure in the hallway, their spacesuit was a banana colour, with a banana on their head, “DartDirect, how could you?” I asked.

“Your easy to trick am I right,” DartDirect spoke.

“You fell right into my trap, now you shall die, like all the others!”

He then launched at me, he was about to stab me when I suddenly woke up!

“It was all a dream? But it felt so real!”

I grabbed Pop, my stuffed bunny, hugged her tightly, and spoke in tears “If that was real that would be the end of me, and then my brother will never have a big sister like me ever again!”

I was so glad that wasn’t real or happened in reality!