a journey through my creativity

Gingerbread Man


Oh, a Gingerbread man is cooking in the oven.

It smells so good that I want to eat it now but mommy says “do not eat the Gingerbread man”.

I said, “but mommy I’m hungry”.

She told me to wait until it’s ready, so I told daddy about it.

He said that he wanted to eat it now just like me!

I just had an idea, I told it to daddy and he said yes!

So daddy took it out of the oven.

I and daddy spotted that mommy wanted to eat a burnt Gingerbread man.

SUDDENLY! The Gingerbread man comes to life.

The Gingerbread man looked at me and liked me, the Gingerbread man said: “thank you for saving me I hate been eaten so put me in your room so I can stay safe…"

“…wait, I’ll run outside so… Bye!”

I and my dad said bye by whispering.

I was so happy that I had a dream of the Gingerbread Man.