a journey through my creativity


There I was, on a stormy night, in the countryside, with nothing but my drenched coat for warmth, and looking frantically for a dry and warm place to stay. I asked many, many inns if I could come in, but I was soon denied, again, and again. I thought I’d die of starvation and hypothermia! But then I came along this lonely cottage, further away from the others. ~Knock knock~ but there came no reply, I knocked a bit harder and the door opened.

The person who opened the door seemed like a 10-11-year-old, just like me, but they acted like an adult! “Oh dear! No one should be out at this time, your soaked through! Come in!” They told me, and so I did, goodbye rain! -for now-… “Ma! We have a visitor!” the child announced,

“Bring them here please Jacob and put their coat on the radiator!” The mother replied

“Yes Ma!” and Jacob did what he was told, I wish I could do that as good as he could…

5 minutes later

I was sat at the table, still shivering from the cold I had to face outside. “You must of had quite a journey for why your coat was soaked!” Jacob spoke up,

“Yep,” ~Sneeze~ “and I think I got the sniffles too…”

“You should get some rest, a warm one too” Ma pointed out.

“I’ll take you to your room!” Jacob volunteered.

“T-Thank you Jacob” I replied, shocked.

After being showed my room

After Jacob left my room, I got straight into the warmth of the bed, but before I closed my eyes, some water splashed me on the head… “Rain…” I mumbled, and fell asleep…