a journey through my creativity

Stuck in Among Us – Part 1


Hey Steve, do you think we will see The Noth again?

”I don’t think so?”

Ok, I’m just asking because I had visions of seeing The Notch again and being sucked into a game called “Among us”.

So… that’s why I’m asking.

”Hmm, strange”

…[Magic wizzes around]

…wait, Steve, did you hear that?

”yes Alex



”ok…[The Notch]”

Now, where are those pesky kids, Steve and Alex?…

Ahhh, their footprints… with a flick there and a flick here, they will get stuck in Among us!

…[Magic wizzes around]…




Awww… ouch “Alex… your vision came true, we did get stuck in Among Us”


Wait a minute, you remember when we were stuck in Minecraft, right?

“Yeah, why?”

Well, The Notch glitched the game, and when we went back to our world, everything went back to normal, so maybe The Notch glitched this game too?

That might be why he’s sending us to the glitched games, right?

“You’re getting a point, Alex, so we have to not get injected so we could save this game, once and for all!”…

To be continued…