a journey through my creativity

Me In Ninjago


Alright, get this. The weirdest thing happened to me!

So… I was at home in bed when a portal appeared on my right.

At first, it was all a swirl through, then, BAM! Got clear!

First I peeked my head through and then I saw a monastery. Behind me, below, I saw a city. I thought and thought, then it came to me, I WAS IN NINJAGO!!!

But how could I if the movie was fiction? Lego? But who cares! This is the best thing of my life!

I went through, then the portal closed behind me. Two seconds later, I became a Lego character but myself!… out of Lego!

I didn’t care.

I looked on my tablet to check my camera, then I released it, the lights of my night light were not flickering.

Nothing moved, not even a single peep.

My parents couldn’t know about this, phew.

Then I spotted that I still had my PJs on me. I looked and looked nothing! Nothing of mine came through with a gust of wind. Then I wondered, wondered and wondered.

I was hungry. I imagined food, then boom! Right in front of me, did I have the power of imagination? To think of something and it’ll be there? If you said yes, then I think so too.

I then devoured my food in a flash, and yes, I was that hungry I imagined more. Three minutes later, I finished eating. The plates vanished, phew.

I was cold. I tried imagining fire, but nothing, nothing warm. I tried making fires like Kai, the fire ninja, and guess what!? IT WORKED!!

But it wasn’t like any normal fire. It was green, my favourite colour, did this mean…? I have Lloyd’s power too?

I did a DNA scan of me and Lloyd, completely the same…

Were me and Lloyd… siblings…?

Stash that to the farthest end of my mind and thought of clothes, then bam! Ninja clothes.

I heard the ninja.

I ran to the roof of the monastery, and then Lloyd spoke

“Whew, that was a tough guy. I think we need a re-“

I moved and dropped a slate tile off the roof and it clattered, all the ninjas stopped.

Lloyd spoke again “What was that?”

Then Zane spoke out.

“I presume someone is on the roof, I’ll sca-“

I interrupted him by throwing a rock at him.

I’m dead.

I jumped down and showed myself. This is so scary!

I spoke out.

“I’m the one you’re looking for. I came to the realm of Ninjago just an hour ago, so everything is a bit new for me, even having the same powers as Lloyd.

I come from the planet Earth. Everything was quite real, not like this - Lego everywhere. Realistic, we have Lego, but for us, Lego is a toy that we build things with it, not houses, small things. Sometimes a big thing like at the Lego land… also don’t ask what any of this is because I can’t explain it all.”

I finished speaking finally. I was so tired that I fainted. Nya caught me and I think she said that I need some sleep…


I woke up first - like at my home.

I told myself, in my mind, I had to show Lloyd the DNA test.

I woke him up, he wasn’t happy 😆, but I showed him and said “seems like in this world we’re brother and sister 😊.”

Lloyd was shocked, but I knew he still didn’t think I was ready to be a ninja 😔.

I didn’t spot it until now, but I haven’t met Master Wu yet.

I asked, “Lloyd, by any chance, can you show me where Master Wu is because I haven’t met him yet?”

Lloyd nodded, did spinjitzu and got changed. He asked if I could do spinjitzu.

I tried and it worked. I did it and changed into my ninja outfit.

Lloyd gave me a tour of the monastery. Last but not least was Master Wu’s room…

When we went in I saw Master Wu. In my head, someone spoke. I remembered who it was from the movie. It was Master Wu!

He said to me “I see you are our new nephew, Anna?”

I replied in imagination, “Yes Master Wu, but I’m worried that Lloyd thinks I’m not ready to be a ninja, but I am ready!”

“I have seen you in your world, how your ninja skills are doing and you ended up here with the same powers as Lloyd. I even saw you doing the DNA test with you and Lloyd, and it was the same. It’s true. In this world, you are Lloyd’s sister, but in your world, you two are different. Am I correct Anna?” Wu spoke out aloud, getting Lloyd in a shock.

“Yes, you are correct Master Wu, and I am ready to train with the other ninjas,” I spoke hesitantly.

He showed me to the other ninjas training outside.

I knew their names, they are: Kai—ninja of fire, Nya—ninja of water, Zane—ninja of ice, Jay—ninja of lightning, Cole—ninja of earth, and Lloyd—ninja with all of the elements.

I was ready! I walked up to Kai. I asked him if we could train together. He said yes.

I went super fast behind him and kicked him in the butt 😆.

“OWWW, how did you get back there that fast?!?!?”

When he turned around, I wasn’t there. I was still behind him. I used my power this time and took him down.


Five seconds later everyone looked at us. After the smoke had cleared, Kai stood up and patted me on the head and said “You got skills kiddo, with that power, you’d be able to take down Garmadon! Probably Lloyd too, just by looking at his face you can tell he isn’t stronger than you.”

I was proud of myself, but then… an explosion happened in a flash. It was purple, that meant… Garmadon…

I ran super fast to the explosion to check.

It was Gamadon and Harumi! But how come Harumi was alive!? Maybe she faked her death just for a plan of Garmadon’s!?

I went back to report to them about it all. I also brought back people that we in danger so they were safe.

That’s how dangerous it is.

I could’ve been killed if I didn’t use my speed!

I informed the Ninja of it all. They went down there right away.

Lloyd told me “Stay here where it’s safer.”

“No,” I said bravely. “I was down there and felt how dreadful the people were being treated, so I have to go!”

One step then I felt pain in my stomach. Lloyd had stabbed me! Thank goodness Nya didn’t go yet, or I was dead.

I saw Nya was about to go, but the sight of Lloyd holding the knife that he used to stab me, had stopped her.

When she saw what Lloyd had done to me, she screamed at Lloyd.


She then called for Zane.

Everything became blurry and I fainted from pain…

I woke up with Zane next to me.

He asked me if I was ok. I answer “ok” as if I couldn’t speak.

I looked down at the place Lloyd stabbed me - that was my stomach.

I saw a bandage on it. I sat up and looked around.

I saw Lloyd in some venge-stone and behind some bars.

Nya explained everything to me about what happened.

Master Wu came and did something to heal my wound quickly so I could go home. It was not describable. The bandage had been taken off from me and there was no cut.

A portal opened to my room in my world.

All was the same as I came.

I went through, saying “goodbye and see you soon” to the ninja… but not Lloyd, because of what he did.

I went back to normal from Lego and into bed.

The time came back as normal. That’s what happened. I wonder what else will await me…

This is the longest story I’ve done so far I hope you all will enjoy it!