a journey through my creativity

Notch turns Alex against Steve – Part 1


STEVE, STEVE were are you Steve?


”do da do da do! Wait Alex, seems like Notch has gotten her! Better go save her!”

[meanwhile with Alex at the Notch’s base]

NOTCH: ”better put her in a mind wipe with no memory of being friends with Steve, only me, as her master! Hahahahahahah”

[machine buzzing] Mind wipe complete!

Alex: hello master, what do you want me to do?

[NOTCH whispers to Alex] I want you to get Steve, the criminal, to me!

Alex: ok master, as you wish…

[meanwhile with Steve] ”ALEX, were are you?”

[footsteps] “huh, wait, that must be the Notch, I better hide”

Ales: Steve where are you!

”ALEX, there you are, how did you escape the Notch?”

Notch? Well, I hit him with a powder to the face, then ran away then…

“then what?”

[Alex put’s Steve to sleep]

”ugh, A-Alex, w-why?…” zzz…

Sorry Steve but the Notch told me to do it…

To be continued…