a journey through my creativity

The Rainbow Trip!

We were in the car when a thought hit me! “What if we look for something in each colour!” I asked my brother.

“Rainbow trip!” He replied, I chuckled.

“We can say it like that for now! Since we are coming back home!” I said. I already spotted the first colour, “Red! Red car!” I spoke with pride, although it was easy! “Red car.” My brother repeated. I held an orange bouncy ball - the one I always had in my pocket - for my brother to say the next colour! “Orange! Orange ball!” he spotted, as he pointed to it. “Yes, an orange ball.” I smiled.

“Yellow! Yellow sun!” we said in sync. After a few minutes, we were through all of the colours, all but one, “Where can the colour be?” I asked my brother, who shrugged at the question, but after 5 minutes, we were home, and my question answered itself, I pointed to our home and said, ”maroon! Our home!” I spoke, as me and my brother burst out laughing!